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This delightful little list was waiting at each place at the table when we went in to dinner at the MAPACA Jubilee 2001. I thought it was cute enough to share with you.

All I Know, I Learned from An Alpaca
By Kim DeVos
Creekside Breeders Ltd.
  • Being a softie is a good thing.

  • Cush and enjoy the ride.

  • Walk softly and hum a gentle tune.

  • On everyone a little rain must fall.

  • Some things are worth orgling about.

  • Share the fiber of your life - more will grow.

  • When you get upset, run to someone you trust.

  • Never lose the spring in your step.

  • Everyone is relative.

  • Don't base judgments on color; it's what is inside that counts.

  • Spit happens - but not often.

  • Two's company, three's a herd.

  • Personality completes the package.

  • Dense, good / Stupid, bad.

  • Good breeding shows.

  • Keep your butt covered or it'll burn.

  • If you don't focus on the patches of manure, all you'll see are green pastures.

  • Tease with love in mind.

  • A good mate takes considerable thought.

  • Not every man is a stud.

  • When trouble comes, run the other way.

  • Sometimes all you can do is follow the butt in front of you.

  • Everyone has a little crimp; it's the degree that makes you fine.

  • Friendship is the fiber of life; strong, soft, colorful, and long lasting.

  • Everyone gets manure: it's what you do with it that counts.

  • When life gets you down, hang out in the pasture.

  • When a guy gets fresh, spit him off.

  • Always wear alpaca.

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