Can't use this one as a frisbee!

Well, that's one excuse for closing!

Neither dogs nor people should leave their fast-food wrappers on the ground.

Bet you'll never see one that says "was hers!"

All God's creatures are game for a good meal!

Northern gasoline costs more than Southern gasoline.

Bet the interest rate is outrageous, too!


Nice soft beds, too!

Can't hunt fast children, either...

Calorie Corner

Just any old street...

It IS hard to find your way around, sometimes

Every city has parking problems!

No chocolate sprinkles?

Pretty soon, they'll be giving them away!

Used food?

This place really exists!

It's a joke, man! A joke!

Fancy way to spell a vulgar word!

Well, almost always, anyway...

Borrowed this one from

I think I'll skip classes on those days...

Only 8 billion?

Most hardware does...


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