These signs don't have anything to do with alpacas... but they're fun!


We can never have too much "stuff."

Run, Bullwinkle, run!!

80% guaranteed.

This town is trying to reduce its local population.

Thanks, but I think I'll just keep driving.

Do you reckon they ran out of Canola oil?

I'll just keep shopping at Kroger Supermarkets

Maybe the sign should have read "Pass With Care - Right Side Up"

Hmmm...sounds like a Stephen King novel.

Perfect road for a getaway.

Besides, they aren't in season right now!

Sure hope everyone brought along an
empty coffee can or a mason jar.

They actually have to put a sign up to keep people from doing this?

Tattoos done while you wait?
So does that mean you can't leave a body part and go shopping while your tattoo is being done?

Well!! - Why not?

Younger painters need not apply!

I wonder how long they'd remain your best friend?

Make your choice and start your engines

Who says you can't be in two places at once?

Oh, I don't know! I think we can do that ourselves

Fast elderly people must cross elsewhere.

If you ever come across a two-story outhouse - I suggest you use the upper one.


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