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This Code of Ethics was devised by John W. Merrell at Gateway Farm Alpacas .

Recognizing the need to maintain high standards of conduct within the alpaca industry, to support the activities of our fellow alpaca owners and breeders, and to ensure the long term health and viablility of the industry, A Pacapacas Farm is committed to the following principles and practices:

1. We will faithfully adhere to, and support, the bylaws and operating procedures of the American Owners and Breeders Association ("the Organization").

2. We will will not engage in conduct that is detrimental to the purposes of the Organization, its members or the American Alpaca Industry.

3. We will maintain honest and open business practices, including full disclosure of known or suspected health problems, conformational defects, or negative heritable traits.

4. We will refrain from misleading, fraudulent, or dishonest statements regarding the industry, the breed, or the marketablity of individual animals.

5. We will commit to a process of dispute resolution meant to protect the best interests of all parties. Such process will give primary consideration to open communication, mediation and/or arbitration prior to any civil or criminal proceedings.

By agreeing to these standards, we acknowledge that our actions may be reviewed by our peers, and that we may be subject to disciplinary decisions including censure, suspension of membership privileges for a specified period of time, or expulsion from the Organization.

Our agreement to these standards is voluntary and does not constitute a revocation of any other legal rights that we may choose to exercise.

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