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This ring is for alpaca owners and breeders, designed to make it easy to surf from alpaca site to alpaca site.

To submit your site to the RingSurf queue, RIGHT click on the image and save it to your hard drive. Then LEFT click on the image to go to the sign up page.

You should find the ring code at the bottom of your sign-up page. Put the code on your page right away because if it isn't on your page in three (3) days, your site will be deleted from the queue. Be sure to upload the image to the index page of your site and to put the image in the same directory as the page that the ring code is on. If you use an "images" or similar directory for storing images, you'll need to change the code so that the IMG tag points to the image in that directory. Do NOT do this unless you are familiar with HTML and know how to change the code and pathname for the image.

Do not copy this code - it won't work for your site. It is coded with the site ID for THIS site, not for YOUR site. If you have the wrong site ID on your pages, then folks won't be able to get to your site because the number is associated with a different page. Your site ID identifies your site to the RingSurf ring server and if you don't have the right ID on your pages, the server won't be able to locate you.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! REPLY to the email you received from the NetRing 'bot. You MUST send it to the Ringmanager before you can be added to the ring.

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