Rick and Terry Simpson
HC 79 Box 52-E
Romney, WV 26757
(304) 822-3494

Are you investigating the possibility of starting an alpaca farm? This site is intended to give you an idea of what one new alpaca farmer went through while getting started and growing for the first few years. We hope it will help make your decision easier. If you have questions, don't hesitate to call or email us - we'll be glad to help.

Many people have asked about the origin of our farm name, A Pacapacas. When we were first getting acquainted with alpacas, people would call their alpacas to dinner by calling "Hey, paca pacas! Hey, paca pacas!" Then, when we were considering what to name our farm, we thought of A Pack of 'Pacas - and that just got shortened to A Pacapacas!

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